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Dues can be paid online at:  (preferred method)

or by mail to:


  • Payments are considered received when delivered to our facility and accompanied invoice payment stub.
  • Always make your check payable to your Association and include your account number.
  • Mail your check to the following address:

Paces Club HOA                        c/o Heritage Property Management
PO Box 628207
Orlando, FL 32862

When sending your payments to our lock box facility, you must include your invoice payment stub.  The invoice payment stub contains the information necessary to match your payment to our accounting records electronically.  Failure to include your invoice stub may delay the processing of your payment, resulting in late charges being assessed to your account.


HOA (General) Mailing Address:
Paces Club Homeowner’s Association
c/o Kathryn Karam
Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.
500 Sugar Mill Road
Building B, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone: (770) 451-8171
Fax: (770) 635-6238

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