Reserve Pavilion

Heritage Property management handles all scheduling of the Pavilion.  Also, only the inner Pavilion can be reserved for events, and the poolside cannot be reserved.   Pavilion reservation is for the exclusive use of all paid members of the Paces Club Homeowners Association (PCHOA) and their guests.

Please contact Heritage as follows for reservation guidance:

The HOA requires a $100 deposit (payable to Paces Club HOA) at time of reservation.  The deposit will be returned upon satisfactory inspection of the Pavilion after use.  All requests are first come first served. Due to increased area use, we may be not able to accommodate requests that fall on a holiday weekend. Also, please keep in mind that the time-frame you are requesting cannot be deemed private and must not limit access or obstruct the pathways to the other public areas/amenities including entry to the main pavilion, pool area, tennis courts and restrooms facilities. There is a 3 (Three) hour maximum time block for pavilion reservations.

We hope you have a great event!