Reserve Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are for the exclusive use of all paid members of the Paces Club Homeowners Association (PCHOA) and their guests. Smooth soled tennis shoes are to be worn on the courts. No glass, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, heelies, strollers or other types of vehicles are allowed within the fenced tennis courts. No animals allowed either. Posted rules are to be adhered to by all members and their guests.

Tennis courts may be reserved here:


  • Be courteous. Proper personal conduct will be observed at all times. Abusive/vulgar behavior can result in revocation of privileges by the board.
  • Only enter a court when a point is not in play. Try not to disrupt other players.
  • Never attempt to retrieve a ball from another court while a point is in play.
  • Return stray balls to the proper court at your earliest convenience.
  • Keep noise to a minimum in the parking lot and viewing area.
  • If you are the last one to leave, please turn off all the lights. The lights are set to automatically go off at 10pm.
  • Court gates are to be securely closed when not in use.
  • Please report any repair or maintenance problems to the board as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of all homeowners to help in enforcing our guidelines. Please do not admit players to the court who do not have a key, or who are not playing on a team for or against Paces Club.
  • At least one player on each of the courts must be a paid homeowner.
  • House guests are considered an extension of the member’s household.
  • Residents who have not paid their dues cannot be a guest of a member.
  • Each member is responsible for ensuring the proper court usage by family members. Children who are not playing tennis are not allowed on the courts.
  • Place all litter in the trash cans on the net posts or the large can on the outside of the courts. Only beverages in non-breakable containers are permitted within the fenced area. Team captains are required to clean out the court trash cans and the pavilion area.
  • Pets are not permitted in the court area.
  • Repairs or replacement of equipment due to malicious conduct will be the responsibility of the appropriate member.
  • All tennis court usage should be logged in the tennis court reservation book located on the south wall of the pavilion. A paid member may sign up for a court for up to 2 hours, provided all of the courts are not full. If full, you are asked to reduce your time to 1 – 1.5 hours if someone is waiting. Failure to arrive within 20 minutes of your scheduled court reservation time may result in forfeiture. Teams who are registered from Paces Club may utilize the courts for as long as necessary to complete the match. At all times (during team seasons) there will be at least 2 courts available for members not playing on team.


  • A tennis team may register to play from Paces Club By notifying the tennis committee that they wish to form a team. The committee chairperson will bring it the Board of Directors for approval. The following criteria are to be met:
    1. The captain must be a paid member of PCHOA.
    2. The captain must supply the committee with a schedule, a full roster of players and out of neighborhood fees (see below), 7 days before the first week of play.
    3. The captain must collect a $15 fee per calendar season (max $45/year) BEFORE each season begins for all non-resident players. After collecting all the out of neighborhood fees, the captain must provide ONE check from his/her bank account, to the Tennis Committee Chairperson, for the total amount of out of neighborhood fees. This check is payable to PCHOA. In the event of illness, injury or extenuating circumstances, if the player has not played, or been placed in a lineup, at the end of the season , a refund may be issued.
  • Failure to meet these criteria will result in being locked out of the courts for team matches.
  • At this time it is not necessary to limit the enrollment of non-residents on tennis teams. Captains are asked to consider players that are members of PCHOA first. It will be up to the discretion of the board to place any restrictions on the number of non-residents in the future.
  • However, due to some growth, the tennis committee will assign courts for all home matches in an equal rotation. PLEASE TURN IN YOUR SCHEDULES TO THE TENNIS COMMITTEE ONE WEEK BEFORE THE FIRST WEEK OF PLAY SO THIS CAN BE DONE FAIRLY AND EFFECTIVELY. The court assignments will be in the reservation book at the pavilion.
  • Court time for team/league play must be scheduled in advance in the reservation book at the pavilion. A team playing from Paces Club may also schedule one practice/lesson per week. Two courts are allotted per team for matches and practices. At all times, there will be 2 courts available for PCHOA members not playing on teams.
  • Competition league/team matches and make-up matches will take precedence over social play. Reserved courts in the book take priority over non-reserved courts. Please remember, only 2 courts per team if others are waiting. If your team had a rainout, it is most likely that others did too.
  • The team captain is responsible for collecting all of the trash from the courts and the pavilion area. If complaints are received regarding trash after tennis matches or practice, the board will review team privileges.
  • Please remember to turn off all lights and lock all doors and gates.
  • If your team has earned a fence sign, it is the responsibility of the team to purchase the sign.

The board has decided that as of February 28, 2009 and moving forward, the board will pay for tennis signs reflecting league recognized accomplishments. Reimbursement will only be made to the captain for signs purchased through the league’s approved vendor. Captain’s wishing to have their name on the sign, will do so at their own cost. The team/captain has from the end of one season to the beginning of the next season to submit an invoice for board approval and reimbursement for the sign. The captain will pay for the sign and then must submit an invoice for board approval.


  • Periodically the tennis committee will sponsor community tennis socials. All courts will be utilized if necessary.